Nadia’s travels: Amsterdam


Before leaving for Amsterdam honestly I didn’t have incredible expectations. Of course, I expected a cute town. One of those that you put in the list of cities to see but not a top priority.
But I was wrong!
I have found out that it is not only cute, it is wonderful. A small, fresh, liveable, free town.
In short, it was love at first sight, and I put it in my top 3 together with London and San Francisco. Beautiful and poetic, every corner looked like a painting.
Amsterdam gave me the impression of being quite cosmopolitan as any self-respecting capital, but also cozy and liveable, with its small streets and millions of bikes.
And also, a gluten-free  paradise for the poor gluten-free people like me! : D
We stayed there 3 days and I would say that is more than enough to see the main things.

Things to do and places to go:

  •  the A’dam Tower, a skyscraper from where you can see all Amsterdam, we went up when it was already night and it was particularly impressive.
  •  the restaurant Haesje Claes, from the outside it looks like a Parisian bistro, inside it is very rustic and you eat very well (I speak as a gluten-free but also the  dishes with gluten had a wonderful aspect). Reported by my friend Paola, who shared this adventure with us, it is a place not to be missed.
  • The Cotton Cake, a shop / concept store / bakery. Once we arrived there we found ourselves in front of a clothing store. Do not be fooled! Inside you can eat a delicious chocolate cake!!! For those who love the hipster places where you eat vegan and gluten free.
  • You absolutely have to taste the typical Dutch cheese. Very good!!! There are shops that sell it everywhere, you have to try the cheese with rum, absolutely delicious.
  • The Brouwerij’t IJ (do not ask me to pronounce it): for beer lovers, a must! It is a brewery built in an old windmill, with very cozy and friendly atmosphere. If you do not like or can ‘t drink beer (like me) you will remain thirsty, but it is still nice to visit.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and I hope to be back soon, maybe in the summer with less cold and with different colors.










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