Glitter and Christmas mood


Cold is back and so are my beloved shoes glitter!
You know, a few years ago, I didn’t like fall and winter at all. But now I’m seriously starting to appreciate it…the hot tea, the blankets, a lot of books to read …perhaps I may have discovered at my old (!) age that more than a summer type I’m actually a winter type.
For example in winter you have the excuse to put tons of glitter and red on without a reason. And eating a lot of pumpkin (which I love), spend entire Sundays under the blankets (which I love too) and drink lots of hot chocolate (I’m not saying a thing).
In today’s post I wear some of the things I love the most: dots, glitter and hearts. In short I’m officially ready for Christmas – It’s missing a month but this year I don’t know, I just feel in the mood. And in just over two weeks I will be in London, the place of my heart, which I have visited several times but never at Christmas time … I CAN’T WAIT !!!






I’m wearing:
– Only sweater
– Benetton skirt
Calzedonia tights
Topshop shoes

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